Run On Less — Electric DEPOT

Participant Profiles

WattEV Long Beach, California

WattEV’s mission is to accelerate the transition of U.S. trucking transport to zero emissions. Using a combination of business and technology innovations, WattEV creates charging infrastructure and data-driven workflow that provide truckers and fleet operators the lowest total cost of ownership. WattEV’s goal is to put 12,000 heavy-duty electric trucks on California roads by the end of 2030, exceeding existing forecasts.

WattEV is operating Nikola Tre BEVs serving the port in Long Beach, CA. The site is serving as a charging hub, but WattEV is beginning its operation with its own trucks.

Driver 1

  • Name Ivan Nava
  • Years Driving 9 Years

Driver 2

  • Name Sergio Nava
  • Years Driving 12 Years


  • Truck Class Class 8
  • Type Heavy-duty Tractor
  • Model 8TT
  • Production Level In Series Production
  • Battery Capacity 422 kWh
  • Estimated Range 124 miles


  • Truck Class Class 8
  • Type Heavy-duty Tractor
  • OEM Nikola
  • Model Tre BEV
  • Production Level In Series Production
  • Battery Capacity 733 kWh
  • Estimated Range 330 Miles


  • Parking Configuration CCS – Pull-in without trailer; MCS – Drive-through with trailer
  • Utility Southern California Edison
  • On-site Generation or Storage None
  • Type of Charging Hardware Installed 360kW DC
  • Quantity of Charging Hardware 13
  • Charging Hardware Manufacturer Charge America
  • Charging Management System Ampcontrol
  • Other Unique Features Each dispenser is capable of charging 2 BEVs simultaneously at 180kW or individually at 360kW. 5MW of power on site. MCS on site to be deployed.


  • Route Type Variable routes througout Southern California
  • Goods General Freight
  • Payload Range Up to 82,000 lbs.