The next Run on Less event will focus on likely the biggest challenge to scaling the deployment of electric trucks. Lots of fleets have deployed one or two electric trucks, but few have made the move to having 15 or more trucks. This event, which we are calling Run on Less – Electric DEPOT (RoL-E DEPOT), will feature 10 fleet depots with 15+ Class 3 to 8 battery electric vehicles (BEVs) operating in the U.S., Canada or Mexico.

One of the key learnings from Run on Less – Electric was that the transition to electric vehicles is about much more than just the trucks themselves. It is about charging, infrastructure, grid capacity, resilience, etc. That’s what led us to the idea of RoL-E DEPOT, which will give us the opportunity to learn and share best practices for scaling electric trucks at depots.

In order to ensure the long-term success of electric trucks, we need to start learning from fleets who are beginning to scale their use of electric vehicles.

Our goal is to explain fleet scaling considerations such as charging infrastructure, engagement with utilities, total cost of ownership management, driver and technician training, charge management, etc. We also will highlight effective partnerships between fleets, OEMs, and utilities. And we will take a deep dive look into utilities, charging equipment, construction, etc.

“The Run on Less initiative aligns with our ambition to help decarbonize the commercial road transport sector,” says Tim Murray, general manager of Shell’s Commercial Road Transport business. “The Run demonstrates real-world actions being taken by leading fleet companies who are emerging as industry trailblazers through their collaborative solutions to sustainability challenges.”


As with other Run on Less events, we can’t do this without support from the industry. Since we held our first Run on Less event in 2017, we’ve had strong support from the industry. We expect that will be true as we work on Run on Less – Electric DEPOT. Help make Run on Less – Electric DEPOT a reality and help the whole industry scale the adoption of electric vehicles.

“As a longtime NACFE partner and Run on Less sponsor, we see immense value in industry collaboration and look forward to sharing firsthand the benefits, challenges and lessons learned along our journey to adopting and scaling these exciting technologies,” says Mike O’Connell, vice president, supply chain at PepsiCo and former NACFE board chairman.

Get Involved With RoL-E DEPOT

Those who partner with NACFE in a Run on Less event — fleets, OEMs, sponsors, etc. — help us spread the word about the event and its findings through their own networks. This is just one of many ways our partners help us before, during and after the event. Find out what’s entailed in partnering with NACFE on Run on Less.

“The Run on Less roadshow presents valuable learning and collaboration opportunities for fleets, OEMs, suppliers and the industry at large,” says Amanda Phillips, North American regional lead for Cummins-Meritor, which is also one of this year’s Run on Less sponsors. “The opportunity to share insights and help more fleets embrace zero-emission technologies benefits not only our customers and partners, but also our communities and the environment.” 

Whether you sponsor the Run, participate in it or simply follow it, we are grateful for your support of our efforts to move to a zero-emissions future.

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