In an effort to help fleets understand the benefits and challenges of battery electric trucks in larger numbers, the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) and RMI launched Run on Less – Electric DEPOT (RoL-E DEPOT).

NACFE partnered with 10 fleet depots that were operating at least 15 battery electric vehicles as of June 2023. The majority of fleets with 15 or more electric trucks are in California, but we also had participants in New York and Canada. During the Run, NACFE tracked 22 trucks from the 10 fleet depots.

While trucks are the key element of the Run and having data on a variety of equipment will help fleets operating in a variety of duty cycles learn more about how to add electric vehicles to their operations, RoL-E DEPOT looked at more than the trucks, also focusing on chargers and infrastructure.

The purpose of the 2023 Run was to isolate areas going well and those where the industry is challenged and bring about better and faster solutions for the industry.

NACFE concluded that small depots are ready for electrification now and electrification at large depots is gaining momentum. The infographic below includes additional conclusions.


The fourth NACFE demonstration focused on scaling commercial battery electric vehicles.


All trucks were tracked using Geotab technology capturing total miles driven, miles per day, deliveries per day, battery state of charge, use of regenerative braking and other metrics. A data set is available for download.


This infographic illustrates NACFE’s conclusions from Run on Less – Electric DEPOT. Download individual images below, or download a PDF of the entire graphic.