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The Electric Truck Bootcamp is a 10-part educational series on electric trucks appropriate for fleet managers, utility planners, policymakers, and more.

While the Run on Less – Electric (RoL-E) event was focused on today’s fleet and OEM leaders who have electric trucks already in operation, the Electric Truck Bootcamp is designed with “fast followers” in mind, to increase industry awareness of electric trucks, provide professional development opportunities to decision-makers at all stages of their electrification journey, synthesize quick takeaways and recommendations from NACFE and RMI’s electric truck work to date, and convene fleets and other stakeholders across the electric truck ecosystem to discuss key opportunities and challenges as they plan for future deployments of electric vehicles.

The Electric Truck Bootcamp was conducted via virtual trainings held biweekly from April through August 2021 leading up to RoL-E. The Bootcamp was free to attendees thanks to the generous support of RoL-E sponsors. Each training was recorded and is available for viewing via the links below.

Attendees can demonstrate comprehension of the material — via optional online quizzes following each training — and have the opportunity to earn digital badges that recognize their expertise and which can be shared via attendees’ social networks. Badges are available for those who complete one, five, or 10 trainings via Participation in the quizzes and badging system is not required for participation in the Bootcamp trainings.

For questions related to the Electric Truck Bootcamp, see our FAQs. For any additional Bootcamp questions, please contact Dave Schaller.

Run on Less – Electric

In September 2021, NACFE worked with 13 fleet-OEM pairs and numerous supporting suppliers to stage a demonstration with commercial battery electric vehicles (CBEVs) in four market segments — vans and step vans, medium-duty box trucks, terminal tractors and heavy-duty regional haul tractors. The trucks operated in eight states or provinces in the US and Canada.

The purpose of the Run was to demonstrate the viability of currently available CBEVs in these market segments and to encourage fleets to make investments in production CBEVs.

These market segments are estimated to contain 5.2 million vehicles. Annual greenhouse gas emission savings from electrifying these market segments are estimated to exceed 100 million metric tons (or 1 megatonne) of CO2.


The third NACFE demonstration showcased advancements in freight efficiency, this time with commercial battery electric vehicles.

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NFI Terminal


Day & Ross

Ryder System, Inc.



Biagi Brothers

Roush Fenway Racing

NFI Freight

Servall Electric

“Run on Less – Electric takes the ‘nervousness’ out of electric trucks for fleets. They can see these trucks are out there running today and not just something you see on the trade show floor.” 


“RoL-E demonstrated that for four market segments — vans and step vans, medium-duty box trucks, terminal tractors and heavy-duty regional haul tractors — the technology is mature enough for fleets to be making investments in production CBEVs.” 


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