Managed Charging

Software can help fleets manage their chargers to give them the data they need to make smart charging decisions.

Run on Less – Electric DEPOT Reports

In an effort to help fleets understand the benefits and challenges of battery electric trucks in larger numbers, the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) and RMI launched Run on Less – Electric DEPOT (RoL-E DEPOT).

NACFE partnered with 10 fleet depots that were operating at least 15 battery electric vehicles as of June 2023. The majority of fleets with 15 or more electric trucks are in California, but we also had participants in New York and Canada. During the Run, NACFE tracked 22 trucks from the 10 fleet depots.

While trucks are the key element of the Run and having data on a variety of equipment will help fleets operating in a variety of duty cycles learn more about how to add electric vehicles to their operations, RoL-E DEPOT looked at more than the trucks, also focusing on chargers and infrastructure.

The purpose of the 2023 Run was to isolate areas going well and those where the industry is challenged and bring about better and faster solutions for the industry.

NACFE concluded that small depots are ready for electrification now and electrification at large depots is gaining momentum. The infographic below includes additional conclusions.


The fourth NACFE demonstration focused on scaling commercial battery electric vehicles.

Download the report Electric Truck Depots Are Evolving: How 10 Fleets Grew Their BEV Populations here

View the Run on Less – Electric DEPOT Fleet Profiles here

View the Run on LessElectric DEPOT Metrics here

View the Electric Depot Bootcamp trainings here



OK Produce


PepsiCo Beverages

Performance Team Logistics




US Foods



All trucks were tracked using Geotab technology capturing total miles driven, miles per day, deliveries per day, battery state of charge, use of regenerative braking and other metrics. A data set is available for download.


This infographic illustrates NACFE’s conclusions from Run on Less – Electric DEPOT. Download individual images below, or download a PDF of the entire graphic.

Electric Depot Education

Bootcamp Training

The Electric Depot Bootcamp is a 10-part educational series on factors needed to successfully scale electric trucks in fleet operations — hosted by the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) and RMI — for fleet managers, utility planners, policymakers, and more. Run on Less – Electric DEPOT (RoL-E DEPOT) this September is focused on fleet depots with 15 or more electric trucks. The Electric Depot Bootcamp is designed to help the entire electric truck ecosystem understand what it takes to move to wider deployment of EVs and is designed to: 

  • Increase industry awareness of the various entities that need to work together to overcome the challenges of widespread EV deployment
  • Provide professional development opportunities to decision-makers at all stages of their electrification journey
  • Synthesize quick takeaways and recommendations from NACFE and RMI’s electric truck work to date
  • Convene fleets, truck makers, utilities, regulators, NGOs, charging manufacturers, to discuss best practices for scaling EVs at fleet depots.

The Electric Depot Bootcamp will be conducted via virtual trainings held biweekly from April through September 2023 leading up to RoL-E DEPOT. The Bootcamp is free to attendees thanks to the generous support of RoL-E DEPOT sponsors. Each training will be recorded and available for viewing via the links below after each session is completed.

Attendees can demonstrate comprehension of the material — via optional online quizzes following each training — and have the opportunity to earn digital badges that recognize their expertise and which can be shared via attendees’ social networks. Badges are available for those who complete one, five, or 10 trainings via Participation in the quizzes and badging system is not required for participation in the Bootcamp trainings. For questions related to the Electric Depot Bootcamp, see our FAQs. For any additional Bootcamp questions, please contact Rachel Ellenberger.

Best Practices for Utility-Fleet Relationships

Trucking fleets and electric utilities are getting to know each other. What’s common practice in one industry may be novel in another. Learn from some of the fleets and utilities most knowledgeable in trucking electrification to understand what to expect when transitioning to electric trucks.

Join this one-hour webinar to: 

Learn from fleets’ experience getting electric service to their electric trucks.

Understand how utilities can best meet their fleet customers’ needs

Explore what construction considerations must be made before the utility will begin work with the fleet

Bootcamp speakers include:

Jennifer Deaton
Manager Corporate Strategy & Electrification
Paul Gioupis
Co-Founder & CEO
Zeem Solutions
Ramiro Lepe
Medium & Heavy Duty Transportation Electrification Sr. Advisor
Southern California Edison
Ken Marko
Fleet Sustainability Sr. Manager
US Foods


Grants and Incentives for the Trucks and Infrastructure

Multiple forces are driving the expansion of vehicle electrification; state and national priorities, manufacturers competing for market share, utilities’ desire to serve more customers, and more are unearthing new sources of financial and technical support for fleet electrification. Experts in this session will provide guidance on how to navigate the incentive ecosystem and make decisions best aligned with your use case.

Join this one-hour webinar to:

Learn about the similarities and differences between state, federal, and utility incentives

Understand how to prioritize opportunities based on your operations

Discover what the future incentive landscape will look like as the industry continues to grow

Unlock industry resources that consolidate and vet incentives

Bootcamp speakers include:

Tom Brotherton
Senior Director, Market Acceleration
Will Marshall
Program Associate, Freight Electrification
Electrification Coalition
Paul Rosa
Senior Vice President, Procurement & Fleet Planning
Sam Spofforth
Clean Cities Project Leader
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)


Electric Truck Developments

Truck OEMs and their component suppliers continue to mature the performance, cost, reliability, durability and specification availability of their trucks. Experts will share future enhancements and anticipated timing.

Join this one-hour session to: 

Understand the scope of where electric trucks are today and where there is room for future improvements

Explore potential impacts new technologies will have on existing infrastructure

Learn what new technologies are being considered

Gain insight into the timing of the roll-out of new technologies

Bootcamp speakers include:

Chad Burchett
Chief Technology Officer
Jessie Lund
Truck Program Manager
Ben Sharpe
Senior Researcher and Canada Lead
Matt Wetta
National Account Manager – Alternative Powertrain
Peterbilt Motors Company


Faster Charging — Opportunities and Challenges at 350KW and Higher

Most commercial vehicle charging today is limited to between 150 and 350 kW. While charging at this level meets the needs of many fleets, as the use of commercial battery electric vehicles expands, there will be use cases that will benefit from higher-powered charging, adding hundreds of miles of range to a heavy-duty truck during a rest break. Experts in this session will discuss the opportunities and challenges of moving to much faster charging speeds.

Learn about emerging truck and charging infrastructure technologies supporting higher-power charging

Understand the use cases where high-power charging makes sense and the challenges of managing high-power charging

Explore the forecasted utility pressures and opportunities of electric fleet customers charging at very high levels

Learn about actions to take to support high-power charging at the fleet and utility level

Bootcamp speakers include:

Ted Bohn
Principal Electrical Engineer
Argonne National Laboratory (ANL)
Watson Collins
Senior Technical Executive
Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
Emil Youssefzadeh
Founder & Chairman of the Board
Ryan Menze
Charger Hardware and Software Engineering Manager
Daimler Trucks North America


Opportunities to Extend BEV Range

Vehicle range is currently — and will always be — a concern of electric trucks given the cost, size and weight of batteries. Cold weather, heavy loads, and more challenging topography require more battery capacity. During this session, experts will offer options such as en route, extremely fast, and wireless charging, as well as other strategies to get more miles out of these trucks.

Join this one-hour session to: 

Understand what is needed and why for long-haul freight

Discover why liquid hydrogen is a choice for long-haul freight

Learn the use-case for renewable natural gas and renewable diesel hybrids

Explore how pure battery-electric vehicles can extend range

Bootcamp speakers include:

Andreas Kammel
Vice President Alternative Drivetrains
Andrew Kotz
Senior Research Engineer – Commercial Vehicle Technologies
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
John Kresse
Director – Advanced Electrification Technologies
Cummins Inc.
Jason Schieck
Sr. Director of Product Marketing and Strategy


Electricity Resiliency and Availability

Planning for resiliency is different with electric trucks. Businesses need to continue to run even when the power is out. Renewable energy generation, battery backups, even onsite electric generator sets are all options to improve resiliency. In this session, experts will share their recommendations for scalable solutions to keep your operations active during volatile power periods.

Join this one-hour webinar to: 

Understand necessary resiliency considerations for your use-case and operation size

Explore the opportunities and challenges of available solutions

Project-out market developments for resiliency solutions

Learn how investments today will save future downtime

Bootcamp speakers include:

Amanda Farthing
Research Engineer
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
Adam Young
Director, Utility Finance and Rates Consulting
1898 and Co.
Michael Ward
Vice President
Pacific Solar


Current and Future Regulations for Zero Emission Trucks

Local, state and federal regulations are in the press all the time. Our experts will help clarify the various laws and regulations to help fleets, manufacturers, and others understand how they affect their business in various regions.

Join this one-hour session to: 

Learn how regulations help technology adoption

Hear how OEMs are helping fleets navigate the regulations

Understand where the rules are applicable across U.S. and Canadian states, provinces, and cities

Learn how to consider timing and planning for your fleet’s future

Bootcamp speakers include:

Adam Browning
EVP Policy & Communications
Forum Mobility
John Mikulin
Mobile Source Sub-Lead Coordinator
David Treichler
Director of Strategy and Technology
Oncor Electric Delivery
Ann Xu
Co-Founder and CEO
ElectroTempo, Inc.


Selecting and Managing Cost-Effective Charging

Unlike diesel fuel, the price of electricity depends on more than how much you use. The utility, electricity tariffs, peak usage, and demand charges can all impact the bill. Selecting the right charging hardware and software is critical to keep energy bills low and ensure adequate charging capacity. In this session, experts will discuss how to capitalize on your existing data to select charging equipment and strategically manage fleet charging.

Understand the landscape of charging equipment

Learn about key considerations to be made before selecting charging equipment

Discover strategies for minimizing peak load charging rates

Discover how existing, diesel fleet data can assist in charging hardware and software decisions

Bootcamp speakers include:

Charlotte Argue
Senior Manager, Sustainable Mobility
Mark Braby
Chief Commercial Officer
Joshua Goldman
Vice President of Mobility
Sean Larkin
Senior Director, Medium & Heavy-Duty Fleets
bp pulse


Scaling Charging Infrastructure Equipment

As the market continues to move toward electrification, fleets need to consider how they will continue the transition from ICE vehicles to EVs. From increasing the number of chargers from a dozen to hundreds, to future-proofing your operations, growing fleet electrification impacts time, cost, and complexity. In this session, industry experts will share how to build smarter and show what big truly looks like for audiences at steps in the electrification journey. 

Join this one-hour webinar to: 

Look to the future of large-scale electrification best practices

Understand the impact charging growth has on your operations

Learn how to account for future costs from initial electrification investments

Explore how to position your operations best for future successes

Bootcamp speakers include:

Danny Marquez
Director of Products and Services – Xos Energy
Xos Trucks
Devin Sclater
Business Development Manager – Fleet and Transit Solutions
Paul Stith
AVP, Global Transportation Initiatives
Black & Veatch
Rob Wozny
Product Manager – EV Charging


  • Standards and interoperability: Scaling EV charging Infrastructure – ABB
  • E-mobility report: Powering fleet decarbonization with eDepot solutions – Shell
  • Your guide to the advanced clean fleets rule – Xos

Electric Depot Site Planning and Construction

As fleets begin planning their transition to electrification, many considerations must be made. What are best practices for site planning, permitting, and coordinating with utilities? What is expected during the construction phase? How do teams keep their project on schedule? Get answers to these questions and more during this session.

Join this one-hour session to:

Learn how to reduce installation costs through site planning best practices

Understand utility processes and timelines from initiation to energizing

Discover how best to work with your jurisdiction on permitting

Master maintaining current operations during project construction

Bootcamp speakers include:

Gregory Brenner
Managing Director, Technical Advisory | Managing Principal
WB Engineers+Consultants
Hannah Jacobus
VP of Real Estate and Development
Suresh Jayanthi
E-Mobility Sales and Business Development
NextEra Energy Mobility
Van Wilkins
Senior Vice President of Operations
InCharge Energy