Opportunities to Extend BEV Range

June 27, 2023 – Video Available

Vehicle range is currently — and will always be — a concern of electric trucks given the cost, size and weight of batteries. Cold weather, heavy loads, and more challenging topography require more battery capacity. During this session, experts will offer options such as en route, extremely fast, and wireless charging, as well as other strategies to get more miles out of these trucks.

Join this one-hour session to: 

Understand what is needed and why for long-haul freight

Discover why liquid hydrogen is a choice for long-haul freight

Learn the use-case for renewable natural gas and renewable diesel hybrids

Explore how pure battery-electric vehicles can extend range

Bootcamp speakers include:

Andreas Kammel
Vice President Alternative Drivetrains
Andrew Kotz
Senior Research Engineer – Commercial Vehicle Technologies
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
John Kresse
Director – Advanced Electrification Technologies
Cummins Inc.
Jason Schieck
Sr. Director of Product Marketing and Strategy


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