Working with Your Utility

June 1, 2021 – Video Available

Fleets and utilities must work together in unprecedented ways to ensure successful deployment and operation of charging infrastructure for electric trucks. Join NACFE and industry experts to learn more about utility business models and programs and best practices for successfully partnering with your local utility.

In this training, participants will learn:

How are utilities thinking about and planning for commercial fleet electrification?

What programs exist to help fleets plan and pay for necessary charging infrastructure, including grid upgrades?

What factors impact electricity bills, including time-of-use rates, demand charges, and more?

What is a public utilities commission (PUC) and how can you work with yours?

How can electric trucks help put downward pressure on electricity rates for all customers?

Bootcamp speakers include:

Brian Sloboda
Director, Consumer Solutions
National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA)
Andrew Papson
eMobility Advisor
Southern California Edison (SCE)
Ryan Wheeler
Fleet Electrification Product Owner
National Grid
David Visneau
Executive Vice President, Strategy & Operations
MP2 Energy


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