Charging 201 – Power Management & Resilience

May 18, 2021 – Video Available

Building out the physical charging infrastructure is only one piece of planning for electric truck charging. There are many additional factors to consider when planning when to charge which trucks at what power levels. Join NACFE and industry experts to learn more about how
to optimize charging to minimize electricity prices while also supporting renewable energy and resilience.

In this training, participants will learn:

What impacts will electric trucks have on the electricity grid?

What standards and protocols exist when it comes to charging?

What tools are available to help optimize charging times and power levels?

Considerations for on-site electricity generation (e.g., solar) and/or battery storage

Bootcamp speakers include:

Levi Lomeland
Sr. Account Executive in charge of West Coast Business Development
Scott Fisher
Vice President of Fleets & OEMs
Namit Singh, Ph.D.
Chief Strategy Officer & CoFounder
Microgrid Labs
Pam MacDougall
Senior Manager of Grid Modernization
Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)
Christy Lewis
Director of Analysis


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