Selecting and Managing Cost-Effective Charging

August 8, 2023 – Video Available

Unlike diesel fuel, the price of electricity depends on more than how much you use. The utility, electricity tariffs, peak usage, and demand charges can all impact the bill. Selecting the right charging hardware and software is critical to keep energy bills low and ensure adequate charging capacity. In this session, experts will discuss how to capitalize on your existing data to select charging equipment and strategically manage fleet charging.

Understand the landscape of charging equipment

Learn about key considerations to be made before selecting charging equipment

Discover strategies for minimizing peak load charging rates

Discover how existing, diesel fleet data can assist in charging hardware and software decisions

Bootcamp speakers include:

Charlotte Argue
Senior Manager, Sustainable Mobility
Mark Braby
Chief Commercial Officer
Joshua Goldman
Vice President of Mobility
Sean Larkin
Senior Director, Medium & Heavy-Duty Fleets
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