Run on Less Regional

Freight efficiency is important regardless of duty cycle. That’s why the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) is planning Run on Less Regional in October 2019. Run on Less Regional is a fuel economy demonstration for trucks that typically travel no more than 300 miles from their base.

As fleets try to get their drivers home more frequently, this segment of the market is getting increased attention and is growing in importance. Many new solutions are also helping to “organize” goods movement into more predictable and sometimes dedicated routes, likely creating more regional movement of goods.

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Run on Less Regional will feature 10 fleets operating in a variety of regional haul applications in different geographic and climate areas. As in the 2017 Run on Less, technology on the tractors and trailers must be commercially available.



Sponsors committed to date include Shell, PepsiCo and Geotab.

Learn more about sponsorship opportunities here, or contact Mike Roeth:, or 260.750.0106.