PepsiCo’s fleet and electric infrastructure, including Tesla Semi trucks, spotlighted to push the industry forward in building electric depots

Purchase, NY, September 27, 2023 — PepsiCo Beverages North America’s (PBNA) Sacramento-based Tesla Semi trucks are taking part in the North American Council for Freight Efficiency’s (NACFE) national “Run on Less: Electric Depot” trucking event this September.

In December 2022, PepsiCo took the first delivery of the all-electric Tesla Semi trucks and as of September 1, nearly 680,000 Zero Emissions (ZE) miles have been traveled.

PBNA’s Sacramento, Calif. bottling production and distribution facility is using a variety of electric vehicles including BYD Electric yard tractors, light-duty Ford E-Transit Service vehicles and 21 Tesla Semis as the company is working toward its ambitious pep+ (PepsiCo Positive) goal of net zero emissions by 2040. The Tesla Semis being deployed out of Sacramento run two different types of routes: long-haul routes that transport between 250 and 520 miles per run and with a gross vehicle weight plus load of up to 82,000 lbs.; And 18 different delivery routes where the trucks cover less than 75 miles per day, hauling a diminishing load that leaves nearly full and lightens throughout the day as deliveries are made.

The three Tesla Semis participating in the Run on Less are driving slip-seated long-haul transport routes. After two weeks (Sept. 11 – Sept. 23), these Semis have accumulated a total of 19,122 miles. Approximately 65 percent of miles driven during the first two weeks of Run on Less were loaded to a gross vehicle weight plus load of over 70,000 pounds. The program has also demonstrated the capability of megawatt charging in transport operations enabling slip-seat, continuous transportation capabilities with an electric vehicle.