What is Run on Less?

A joint effort between the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) and Rocky Mountain Institute, Run on Less is a best-of-the-best, cross-country roadshow that showcases advancements in freight efficiency. Run on Less demonstrates how efficiency technologies improve the bottom line for fleets and benefit the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Each Run highlights a specific trucking segment and details how these drivers and fleets deliver high efficiency.

In September 2017, NACFE worked with seven fleets and numerous supporting suppliers on the original Run on Less to determine a benchmark for best-in-class fuel economy. Run on Less Regional was held in October 2019 with a focus on trucks that operate 300 miles from base. Both Run on Less Regional and Run on Less 2017 featured real-time monitoring of a number of factors including miles traveled, fuel consumed, pickups and deliveries, elevation change, and vehicle speed among others.

Run on Less is made possible thanks to the support of fleets volunteering to take part in the demonstration and sponsors helping to underwrite the costs associated with it.

To learn more about Run on Less, contact Mike Roeth: mike.roeth@nacfe.org, or 260.750.0106.